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Who is Nicolas Jarry Wife? Know all about Laura Urruti

Nicolas Jarry married Laura Urruti on December 23, 2020, during a period when Jarry was temporarily away from tennis due to a ban.

Nicolas Jarry Fillol, born on 11 October 1995, is a professional tennis player from Chile. With a career-high ATP singles ranking of World No. 38 in July 2019, he has made a mark in the tennis world. The current Chile No. 1 has triumphed in two ATP singles tournaments, winning titles in Båstad in 2019 and Santiago in 2023. He has also showcased his skills in doubles, achieving a career-high ATP doubles ranking of World No. 40 in March 2019. Notable highlights include representing Chile in the Davis Cup, securing crucial victories in singles and doubles matches, and reaching the finals of ATP tournaments on four occasions. This article will further conclude with, Who is Nicolas Jarry Wife?

Off the court, Nicolas Jarry finds solace in the unwavering support of his loving wife, Laura Urutti. She stands by his side as a pillar of strength, nurturing their bond and offering unwavering encouragement. With her deep devotion and passion for their relationship, Laura’s presence in Nicolas’ life is a source of inspiration that propels him towards greater heights in his tennis career. Read on to learn all about Nicolas Jarry wife, Laura Urruti.

Who is Nicolas Jarry Wife, Laura Urruti?

Laura Urriticoechea, the devoted wife of Nicolas Jarry, leads a private and discreet life, leaving little information available in the public domain. While she maintains an active presence on social media platforms like Instagram, her posts primarily revolve around Nic and their family, offering glimpses into their shared moments. Laura has chosen not to disclose details about her profession, family background, or educational status. However, her Instagram posts often feature adorable dogs, suggesting her fondness and love for them. Read More: Who Is Alejandro Davidovich Fokina Girlfriend? Know All About Her Relationship Status

Laura Urruti Age, Height and Weight

Due to the lack of publicly available information, Laura’s exact date of birth and thus age remain undisclosed. Similarly, information about her height and weight is also not available on the public domain.

How did Nicolas meet with Laura?

While the exact circumstances of Nicolas Jarry and Laura Urruti’s first meeting remain undisclosed, the couple has been married for more than two years since their wedding on December 23, 2020. During Jarry’s one-year absence from tennis due to a ban starting in January 2020, the couple took advantage of the lockdown period and enjoyed quality time together, ultimately deciding to tie the knot and create lasting memories.

Do Nicolas Jarry and Laura Urruti have kids?

Nicolas Jarry and Laura Urruti joyfully welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Juan, in 2022. The couple shared the delightful news with their followers through a heartwarming Instagram post on Laura’s profile, celebrating the arrival of their precious bundle of joy. Also Read: Know about Serena Williams Daughter. Which Team does Olympia own?

Laura Urruti Religion, Ethnicity and Nationality

No public information is available regarding Laura’s nationality, ethnicity, or religion.

Laura Urruti Instagram

Laura Urruti, active on various social media platforms, particularly Instagram, can be found under the handle @laura_urruti, where she shares moments of her family and husband Nicolas Jarry. With a following of 9.8k followers, her posts offer glimpses into their lives and the love they share.

All you need to know about Laura Urruti

Full NameLaura Urriticoechea
Date Of BirthNot Known
AgeNot Known
NationalityNot Known
Date of MarriageDecember 23, 2020

FAQ about Nicolas Jarry Wife (Laura Urruti)

Q: Is Nicolas Jarry married?

Ans: Yes, Nicolas Jarry married Laura Urruti on December 23, 2020.

Q: Does Nicolas Jarry have kids?

Ans: Yes, Nicolas Jarry and Laura Urruti share a baby boy named Juan, born in 2022.

Q: What nationality is Laura Urruti?

Ans: The nationality of Laura Urruti is not publicly available.

Q: How old is Laura Urruti?

Ans: Laura Urruti’s exact date of birth is unknown, so her age is also not known.

Q: How tall is Laura Urruti?

Ans: Information regarding Laura’s height is not publicly available.

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