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Mookie Betts Net Worth 2023, Salary, Sponsorships, House & Property, Car Collection, Charities, etc.

Mookie Betts has an estimated net worth of $50 million in 2022.

Mookie Betts is one of Major League Baseball’s most successful players these days. He is currently playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers as a right fielder. In addition, Mookie Betts is the first player in Major League Baseball history to win the MVP, Silver Slugger, Gold Glove, batting crown, and World Series in the same season. In this post, we will be discussing the net worth of Mookie Betts as of 2023. Let’s know all about Mookie Betts Net worth in 2023, including salary, House, properties, Cars, sponsorships, charities, etc.

Mookie Betts Net Worth 2023

Mookie Betts has an estimated net worth of $60 million in 2023. He has received $58,134,598 in his first eight seasons. When his current deal expires, the sum will rise to $408,634,598. Moreover, he has also signed a two-year contract with the Dodgers worth $60 million. Also Read: George Russell Net Worth 2023, Salary, Endorsements, Cars, Houses, Properties, Etc

Mookie Betts Salary in 2023

Betts’ annual salary is presently estimated to be $30.5 million as of 2023. He has signed a twelve-year contract worth $365 million with the Los Angeles Dodgers. After leaving the Boston Red Sox, he received a hefty amount of $65 million.

Mookie Betts Last 5 Years’ Net Worth

Net Worth in 2023$60 Million
Net Worth in 2022$55 Million
Net Worth in 2021$50 Million
Net Worth in 2020$45 Million
Net Worth in 2019$41 Million
Net Worth in 2018$37 Million

Mookie Betts Brand Sponsorships

Despite his prominence in baseball, Betts has a limited number of endorsement arrangements. He has collaborated with companies such as Axe Bats, Baden Sports, and Body Armor.

Mookie Betts House and Property

Mookie Betts bought a big mansion in Encino, California, for $7.6 million. The opulent has all kinds of amenities and is worth the price.

Mookie Betts Car Collection

Mookie Betts’ car collection is kept to a bare minimum. A Chevrolet Corvette Stingray belongs to this young baseball player. The vehicle is priced at $59,900 as a starting point.

He also owns a BMW 7 Series, which is a high-end luxury car. The BMW 7 Series is priced from $86,800 to $103,000. According to sources, Mookie Betts has previously bought Toyota and Nissan cars. Also Read: Jackson Mahomes (Patrick Mahomes Brother) Net Worth 2023: Salary, Brand Endorsements, House and Property, Car Collection, etc

Mookie Betts Charity

There are ties between The 5050 Foundation and Mookie Betts. They have faith in the extraordinary potential of every child. They are determined to remove the obstacles in their way, particularly those related to their financial and medical requirements. The 5050 Foundation gives the next generation the tools they need to live life to the fullest and have a greater impact on the world.

FAQ About Mookie Betts Net Worth and Salary :

Q. How much does Mookie Betts get?

Ans: $65 million signing bonus ($5M each of 2021-2032, $2M in 2033-2034, $1M 2035) $115 million deferred (2033 – 2044)


Contract:12 yr(s) / $365,000,000
Signing Bonus$65,000,000
Average Salary$30,416,667
Free Agent:2033 / UFA

Q. What team is Mookie Betts on 2023?

Ans: As he prepares to join Team USA for the 2023 World Baseball Classic, Betts is part of a star-studded roster that features an elite outfield group, including Mike Trout, Kyle Tucker, Kyle Schwarber and Cedric Mullins.

Q. Who is Mookie best wife?

Ans: SUPERSTAR outfielder Markus Lynn “Mookie” Betts married Brianna Hammonds in 2021. Now, fans want to know more about his wife and their growing family.

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