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President Joe Biden welcomed the Golden State Warriors, the NBA champions, to the White House

He claimed that the Warriors' style of play "reflects America," displaying "continuous motion.

President Joe Biden feted the NBA champion Golden State Warriors on Tuesday at the White House. But he also voiced compassion for Californians who had to endure waves of damaging weather.

The state will receive catastrophe assistance, and Joe Biden will visit there on Thursday.

The Warriors have won four titles in the last eight years. But they haven’t been to the White House while Trump has been in office. After the team’s star player Stephen Curry indicated he wasn’t interested in attending, he made a show of publicly declining their invitation. Also Read: Nikola Jokic 13th triple-double propels the Nuggets to their sixth straight victory.

Joe Biden characterized the Warriors as a reflection of America

The entire Warriors group, who underwent a lot to achieve their 2022 championship, was the recipient of some words of inspiration from President Joe Biden.

“We’re all closely monitoring the storms, floods, and landslides all across California, and our hearts go out to all the families in the affected communities,” he said.

“The Golden State Warriors are always welcome here,” Biden stated. He also referred to Curry as “one of the finest athletes of our time.”

He claimed that the Warriors’ style of play “reflects America,” displaying “continuous motion, with individual independence and personality that comes together as one team, a team that plays with joy, with drive to be their best.” Also Read: Stephen Curry scores 41 points as the Warriors defeat the Wizards 127-118

Stephen Curry Speech at the White House

The Warriors are jubilant after returning to the White House to receive President Biden’s recognition. They last visited in 2015, the year they took home their dynasty’s inaugural championship. At the time, former President Barack Obama hosted them.

During their tour, their top player, Stephen Curry, delivered a speech at the White House. Being honoured for both his first victory as Finals MVP and his fourth title was a unique occasion for Curry.

“We are a team, and we do it together. So being able to celebrate our win with you here means a lot. It means a lot to bring the trophy here,” Curry stated.

“I believe we were here for our first championship seven years ago. So having another chance to be here means everything.”

There was more to the situation. As a tribute to him as the 46th President of the United States of America, the Warriors gave the president his own personalised jersey. Curry gave Vice President Kamala Harris her own personalised jersey as well.

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