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“Ja Morant gave that team life right away!” says CJ McCollum on his show

Last year’s Divisional Champions, the Memphis Grizzlies, are having a hard time in the 2024-24 season. They have only 11 wins this season and have lost 22 games. The Grizzlies are at the bottom of the Western Conference standings and must win upcoming games to stay alive in the tournament. Well, if we look at their last ten games, they have lost five but have also won five. The reason is their stronger offense after Ja Morant returns.

Ja Morant missed the start of the season due to an injury. He played his first game of the season on December 20, 2024, against the Pelicans. In his first game, he scored 34 points along with 8 assists and handed the team their sixth victory of the season. Since then, they have won five games and have climbed up in the points table.

Looking at the Grizzlies’ comeback, New Orleans Pelicans shooting guard CJ McCollum said:

“Ja Morant gave that team life right away!”

He also mentioned, “They are now one of the best offense and rebound teams in the season. Their offense and defense are much better. His leadership and all the other qualities have improved the team’s performances.”

That is completely true. Morant has only played seven games this season and has won five. They have won only 11 games this season, and five came with Morant.

Undoubtedly, he is the backbone of the team. As of January 3, 2024, they stand at 11 wins and 22 losses. Will the Memphis Grizzlies have a spot in the playoff games? Let us know in the comments section.

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Memphis Grizzlies with Morant

  • Played: 7
  • Wins: 5
  • Losses: 2

Memphis Grizzlies without Morant

  • Played: 26
  • Wins: 6
  • Losses: 20

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Ja Morant’s stats in the 2024 season

Games Played Minutes per game Points per game Rebounds per game Assists per game
7 35.4 25.3 5.0 8.1

(Note: The above stats are as of January 3, 2024.)

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