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NBA positions explained

Every sport has a player who plays a different position. Similarly, in basketball, there are several positions in which players play. Every player has a different role and possesses a different play style. So let’s know all the NFL positions and understand what their roles are.

NBA Positions Explained

  • Points Guard
  • Shooting Guard
  • Small Forward
  • Power Forward
  • Center

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NBA Positions Explained

Points Guard:

The point guard is often the player who is the best passer and bowl handler on the team. They are usually the shortest players on the team, but they are very fast. They create games for themselves and their teammates. He is also a person who is good at aiming and often goes for 3-pointers.

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Shooting Guard:

Shooting guards themselves explain what they are. They are the shooters who score in every game. A 3-pointer, long shorts, or mid-range shoot are just a piece of cake for him. They are the people who love to score, and whenever they get the ball in their hand, all they see is a basketball hoop.

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Small Forward:

The small forward is the most versatile player in basketball. They are often the players who provide assists for the team and aim to score two-pointers. Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, and LeBron James are all small forward players who are recognized as the greatest of all time. They play close to the 3-point line and score mostly from that position.

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Power Forward:

Just like the small forward, the power forward is also the craftiest player on the team. He is someone on whom the team depends the most and loves shooting the ball. They are the most powerful and dependable players on the team when it comes to scoring from close to the basket.

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The center word itself clarifies the meaning of its name. They are the ones who are closest to the basket and are the tallest players on the team. Center players score on close shots and rebounds. They also defend and block the opposition from scoring.

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