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Asia Cup Final 1984

It was the final of the inaugural Asia Cup, and both nations (India vs Pakistan) left no stones unturned in making it to the final.

Pakistan thrashed Bangladesh in the 2012 final by 2 runs

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One of the historic and most exciting matches in the history of One Day cricket is the Asia Cup final in 1986. That six by Javed Miandad on the last ball is still remembered as glory. 

india vs pakistan asia cup final 1986

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In a nail biting game India won because of Harbhajan"s strong finish.

India vs Pakistan Asia Cup 2012

India vs Afghanistan Asia Cup 2018

India vs Bangladesh Asia Cup Final 2018

Virat Scored his Highest ODI score vs Pakistan in Asia Cup 2012

Sachin Scored his 100th Hundred in Asia Cup 2012

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