Virat vs Babar: who is better?

by Ayush Gautam

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Kohli is only one of the six players in history to have scored more than 12,000 runs in the format, with the batter scoring 12,311 runs to date. While Babar has scored  4664 runs with an average of 59.60.

Kohli has lead over babar 8,074 runs in 102 Tests, compared to Babar’s 3,122 runs in 42 Test matches. 


Kohli has played 99 games while Babar has played 74. In these outings, the former has scored 3,308 runs as of today, batting at an average of 50.12. Babar, on the other hand, has accumulated 2,686 runs at an average of 45.52.


Virat in his 41 Twenty20 Internationals as captain, Babar has won 26 matches and lost 10. Kohli, on the other hand, won 30 of his 50 T20I matches as captain, losing 16 times.

Kohli lead India in 68 Tests, and won i40 matches while lost 17 times and drawing on 11 occasions. Babar, only took charge of the Test team in 2020 and has played a mere 13 Tests as captain, winning eight and losing thrice.

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Babar led his team in  18 matches  during which time he has won 12 and has lost five matches. Kohli, however, has captained India in 95 ODIs where he has ended victorious on 65 occasions while losing 27.

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